Warranty Information

Effective June 1st 2009:

Systems purchased after June 1st 2009 will no longer include a standard warranty service. There is now an option to purchase a 1, 2, 3, or 4 year parts and labour warranty on desktop and workstation systems. A 1, 2, or 3 year parts and labour warranty may be purchased for server systems. Also effective June 1st 2009, there are no longer minimum system requirements when purchasing warranty. Inquire for full details.

For systems purchased between December 31st 2002 to May 31st 2009:

Systems purchased during this period include a standard 2 year parts/labour warranty. Some system configurations qualify to purchase an extended warranty for a total coverage of 3 years parts and labour. Extended warranty must be purchased at time of system purchase. Inquire for full details.

To recieve complete system warranty you must have your system assembled by Millennium Systems, and the system must include a case, motherboard, CPU, memory, hard drive, floppy or optical drive, video card (integrated or add in), and operating system software. If your order does not meet the requirements to recieve system warranty, you will recieve 1 year parts warranty from Millennium Systems. Some components may have extended warranty from the manufacturer which may extend beyond the warranty provided by Millennium Systems. System warranty only includes the main computer box and internal components, mouse, keyboard, and speakers (if purchased with the system).

All other external peripherals supplied with millennium PC's are warranted by Millennium Systems for the lesser of 1 year or the length of the manufacturers warranty. This means if you are purchasing a low end scanner which only has a 90 day warranty from the manufacturing vendor, then Millennium Systems will only warrant the product for that 90 day period, even if it is purchased with an entire system.

During the warranty period Millennium Systems Canada Inc will repair or replace the components for no charge. We provide depot service to our resellers for warranty repairs, with return trip pre-paid by Millennium Systems. Please view our RMA policy for full details.

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