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INTEL® High-Performance Storage

Intel® Solid-State Drives (Intel® SSD) represent a revolutionary breakthrough that delivers a giant leap in storage performance. Unlike traditional hard disk drives, Intel SSDs have no moving parts, resulting in a highly rugged, quiet, and cool storage solution that also offers faster system responsiveness. Intel SSDs also feature low write amplification and a unique wear-leveling design for higher reliability, meaning Intel SSDs not only perform better, they last longer.

Thank you for visiting our landing page for information on the Intel 25nm Solid State Drives. If you have not already tested one of our demonstration units, please contact us. We have several drives available for testing purposes, and are happy to lend these out for a 3-4 day trial period at no cost.

Intel® SSDs continue to evolve with the Intel SSD 500 Family. Available in a wide range of capacities, the Intel® SolidState Drive 520 Series offers built-in data protection features and delivers exceptional performance over traditional hard drives for increased productivity in business environments. These drives also offer ultra fast performance for processing intensive environments which normally require many read/write operations to the hard drive (video editing, rendering, compiling, CAD/CAM, specialized software applications).

Intel® High-Performance SATA Solid-State Drive Comparison (pdf)

Intel® 520 Series SSD video for CAD performance comparison.

Last generation Intel® SSD video for desktop performance.

Intel® High-Performance SATA Solid-State Drive Product Brief (pdf)

Why Intel® Solid-State Drives?

For starters, Intel Solid-State Drives are built with the latest technology compute quality Intel NAND silicon. They utilize advanced SSD controller algorithms for outstanding performance and reliability. These SSDs take advantage of Intel’s own PC validation capability to ensure great functionality in a wide range of PC applications. Lastly, Intel Solid-State Drives are offered with all the product support you need to help you make the phases of your business successful.

Recommended usage models

Target Customer Segment Recommended Intel® SSD Reasons
Data center, server and storage systems Intel® SSD 710 Series
  • Extreme write performance and endurance for enterprise applications
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Intel® SSD 520 Series and Intel® SSD 320 Series
  • Performance for Read-intensive enterprise applications
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Enthusiast consumer and performance business client PCs Intel® SSD 520 Series
  • High performance and PC responsiveness
  • Rugged and quiet
  • Wide range of capacities
  • Intel® SSD 313 Series, optimized for caching
  • PC responsiveness
  • File management simplicity through caching
  • For system builder installation
  • Mainstream consumer and small-medium business client PCs Intel® SSD 330 Series
  • Cost effective performance and reliability
  • Mobile PC ruggedness
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Intel® SSD 310 Series
  • Performance and reliability in dual drive notebooks and small PCs
  • For system builder installation
  • All-in-One (AIO) desktop PCs Intel® SSD 330 Series and Intel® SSD 310 Series
  • Cost effective performance and reliability in very small systems
  • Dual drive option for AIO Desktops
  • For system builder installation only
  • Embedded PCs Intel® SSD 520 Series,
    Intel® SSD 320 Series and Intel® SSD 310 Series
  • Performance, ruggedness, and low power in small form factors

  • Contact us for custom configuration and pricing.

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